Keep Their Heads Ringin' Karaoke Dr. Dre

Karaoke Keep Their Heads Ringin' Dr. Dre

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Lyrics of Keep Their Heads Ringin'

Heh, yeah what up
Dis is Doctor Dre the party's goin' on
Thank God it's friday
Keep their heads ringin' keep their heads ringin'
Uh, yeah
Hey you sittin' over there
Say what ya better get up outta yo' chair that's right
And work your body down
Yeah no time to funk
Around 'cos we gon'
Funk you right on up so get up get a move on
Hey hey
An' get your groove on it's the D R E the spectacular
In a party I go for your neck so call me Blacula
As I drain a nigga's jugular vein
An' maintain to leave blood stains
So don't complain jus' chill
Listen to the beats I spill
I use Crest
So ain't no cavity creeps in my drill
Still niggas run up an' try to kill at will
But get popped like a pimple so call me Clearasil
An' wipe niggas off the face
Of the earth since birth
I been a bad nigga
Now lemme tell you what I'm worth
More than a stealth bomber
I cause drama the enforcer
Music flows
Yeah like a flying saucer
Or a seven fourty seven jet never forget I'm dat nigga
That keeps the hoes
Ah panties wet
The mic gets smoked once ya hear the beat kick ah, ah
Wit grooves so funky they come wit a Speed Stick
So check the flava dat I'm bringin'
The motherfuckin' D R E will keep they motherfuckin'
Heads ringin' uh, yeah
Keep their heads ringin'
One two fo' the crew three four fo' the do'
Five fo' the ho six seven eight fo' Death Row ah ooh ah
Mad niggas 'bout to feel the full effect of intellect
So I could collect respect bus' a check
Now I'm friend to the end to my men
Two will take care of the spitness I need to attend to hey, hey
'Cos my rent's due an' dis rap shit's
My meal ticket so you got damn right
I'mma kick it or get evicted
Oh oh, ah
I bring terror like Stephen King
A black Casanova runnin' niggas over
Like Christine when I rock the spot
Wit the flava I got
I get plenty ass
So call me
Ah, ah an asstronaut
As I blast past another niggas ass who thought he was strong
But I smoke 'em like grass jus' like Cheech an' Chong
When I flow niggas know it's time to take a hike
'Cos I grab the mic an' flip my tongue like a dike
Ah, hey, ho
I got rhymes to keep you enchanted
Produce a smoke screen wit the funky
Green to keep your eyes slanted ooh, ho ho ho ho ho
So check the flava dat I'm bringin'
The motherfuckin' D R E will keep they motherfuckin'
Heads ringin' yeah, keep their heads ringin'
Ha ha ha ah come on
If you want to get up down
Uh, yeah you gonna get up down come on
Ha ha ha
Just get up down it's like that
Debonaire with flair
I scare wear
An tear without a care
Runnin' shit as if
I was the mayor
But I ain't no politician no competition
Sendin' all opposition to see a mortician
I'm up front never in the back drop
Yeah, oh
Step on stage an' get faded jus' like a flat top
Your rhymes sound like you bought
'Em at Stop 'N Go
Dre came to wax you ho
Jus' call me
Mop N' Glo
Many try to but jus' can't ride wit
Oh, oh, oh, oh
I'm six feet two twenty five a Buick shocklift
Your chances of jackin' me are slim G
'Cos I rock so much that Santa comes down the chim'ney oh, oh, oh
Ho ho ho an' so as I continue to flow
'Cos yo I'm jus' a fly Negro
So check the flava dat I'm bringin'
The motherfuckin' D R E will keep they motherfuckin'
Heads ringin' yeah, uh
I keep their motherfuckin' heads ringin'
Yeah, uh keep their heads ringin'
Get it get it get it
I keep their heads ringin'
Uh, yeah, ha ha come on
If you want
Yeah, Death Row to get up down back up in dat ass
For the one nine nine
You gonna get up down to the nickel
So all you mother fuckers out just get up down, oh there try'n to get wit dis
Don't even try it
If you want
You couldn't see to get up down us wit binoculars
You gonna get up down
Can you dig it hu, ha ha just get up down, oh
Yeah, uh, uh
I know you're boppin' your head
Hmm, hmm oh, ooh
'Cos I can see you can't see me
Ha ha, yeah ooh, oh
Death Row lemme know you're in the house
Ha ha yeah that's right right
Uh, uh we out uh, hmm

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