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Lyrics of Ruby Baby

Ah, now said I love a girl and Ruby is her name hear me talking now
This a girl don't love me but I love her just the same what'd I say
Woh, oh, oh, oh
Ruby, Ruby how I want ya
Like a ghost I'm a-gonna haunt ya now
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby will you be mine sometimes
Ah, each time I see you baby my heart cries oh, it does Ruby
I'll tell ya, I'm gonna steal you away from all those guys
I really want you woh, oh, oh, oh
From the happy day I met you now
I made a bet that I was going to get you now
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby will you be mine
Hear me talking, in time now hippie now
Hey, hey, hey, hey hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey hey, hey, hey, hey
Comin' with me now hey, hey, hey, hey
I'm gonna catch ya hey, hey
Well, I tell ya
I said I love this girl said Ruby is her name believe me now
When this girl looks at me she just sets my soul a flame
Don't you know woh, oh, oh, oh
I got some all kind of kisses too, yeah
I'm gonna give them all to you
Now listen up
Ruby, Ruby
When will you be mine gonna get you sometimes
Rolling hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, I got it hey, hey, slippin'
Hey, hey, hey, hey come to me baby
Hey, hey ah, hey, hey, hey
Ha, hey, hey, ha, hey, hey
I'm loving that
Hey, hey oh, listen, listen, listen, now
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Ruby, will you be mine
Ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah, yeah
Rubby, hey, hey ah, hey, hey
Ah, hey, hey ah, hey, hey

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