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Karaoke Give It 2 You Da Brat

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Lyrics of Give It 2 You

I'm gonna give it
One for the money two for the bass
Three to get you going
I'm gonna give it to you 'cos the Brats in the place
Yeah, hey
It's me the OG funk bandit
Who's that the B to the R.A.T and in fact
If you ain't heard of me take a seat lay back and listen
As I bust for your ass on this funkdafied mission
Just kick off your shoes and relax your feet
That's right now it goes like
Party on down with the Brat and her beat that and that's how it goes
I'm a give it to all you negroes and hoes
So listen up make sure you listen up well
Don't miss a little bit 'cos this here be bad as hell
Truth of the matter is
I splatter get
Trying to dis in the gangsters way
That's how 'em fools get dealt with so what you wanna do
Don't even trip
Step up step up and I'm gonna bust your lip
Now I know that you know that I know you don't want me
To but keep on trippin
I'm gonna give it to you
I'm gonna give it
I'm gonna give it to you
Brat is the fantastic romantic
Singlehanded bandit and dammit
Don't get no better better it don't get no more
Than the flow that I flow for you negroes and hoes
Devastating captivating elavating is I
Operating flow no cloud nine so just
Fire it up baby fire it up
At your request
I guess it's time
For me to hit the cud
One puff two puff it goes three puff four
From the bottom to the top top to bottom I go
So now you know what I ain't and what I is
It's the baddest little pimp in this hip hop biz
OG is what I
Am be smoke me a brat is what I
You know what I and you can't see
So let it go 'cos I'm wrapped too tight
Take it how I give it
I'm gonna give it and enjoy the night right
Yeah, it's like that it's like that
For the one nine nine four is the brat
I'm gonna give it to you
And you don't know ooh ooh ooh ooh
You better ask somebody la di da di I came to party
Big baby ha ha ha ha ha
JD what you think about
I'm gonna give it to you
This right here boy come on come on
Word up, hey word up, hey
Word up, hey for real though oh ha ha ha ha
Word up, hey word up, hey
Word up, hey for real though
I'm gonna give it
I'm gonna give it to you

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