Funky Nassau Karaoke Blues Brothers 2000

Karaoke Funky Nassau Blues Brothers 2000

In the same key as the original: Bm

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Lyrics of Funky Nassau

Nassau's gone funky
Nassau's gone soul
We've got a dog on beat now gonna call our very own
Nassau rock
Nassau rock and Nassau roll and Nassau roll
Nassau's got
Nassau's got a whole lotta soul, huh a whole lotta soul, huh
Feel all right
Mini skirt maxi skirts and afro headed dudes
People doin' their own thing they don't care about me or you
Nassau's gone funky
Nassau's gone funky
Nassau's gone soul
Nassau's gone soul
And we've got a dog on beat now
Gonna take care of business too
Listen to the drummer lay down his beat
Listen to the bass man play that same groovy beat
A tune the guitar keep that sound so tuned
L'organ aussi et les horns oui oui horns
Funky Nassau Nassau funky
Alors puis-je jouer s'il vous plait
New York you know has got a lot of soul, oh
And London Town is too dog on cold
Too cold, hey
Nassau's got sunshine and this you all know, hey
But we all go funky we got some soul too, hey
Yeah oh, yeah oh yeah oh deep deeh dah dooh dah bah
Dey dah do dey
Trompette encore une fois
Funky Nassau funky Nassau
OK, whoa oh, hey yeah, eeh ooh
Funky Nassau funky Nassau
Hey hey hey hey hey
Funky Nassau funky Nassau hey hey hey hey
Sing it children
All yeah, ooh, ha ha
Funky Nassau funky Nassau you're so funky in here
Pop thee mop thee and deeh leeh leeh mop pum
Don't stop singing
And deeh leeh dum deeh leeh leeh dum deeh leeh dum duh get funky get funky
Tooh dooh dooh dooh tooh tooh dooh dooh dooh
Funky yeah hey
Booh booh booh booh booh booh booh booh
Whoa, ha ha
Hit me
Too that's what
I'm talkin' about
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Now that's funky
Oh, thank you

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