Tighten Up Karaoke Archie Bell & The Drells

Karaoke Tighten Up Archie Bell & The Drells

Song key: G

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Lyrics of Tighten Up

Hi everybody
I'm Archie Bell and the
Drells from Houston Texas
We don't only sing but we dance just as good as we want
In Houston we just started a new dance called the Tighten Up
This is the music we tighten up with
First tighten up on the drums come on now drums
Want you to tighten it up for me now
Ah yeah, tighten up on dat bass now
Tighten it up ha ha
Now let that guitar fall in, ah yeah
Tighten Up on dat organ now
Yeah, do the tighten up, yeah now
I say even you can do it now it sho' would be tough
Now look here come on now now make it mellow
We're tighten it up now do the tighten up
Everybody can do it now so get to it
We're gonna tighten Up, uh do the tighten Up
You can do it now so get it wit you
Uh to the left now an' to yo' right
Everybody can do it but don't you get too tight
Come on an' tighten it up tighten it up now
Come on now billy tighten it up, ah yeah
Come on tighten up there bass
Now look here I want the guitar to fall
On in now tighten it up now, ah yeah
Now tighten it up organ, yeah now everybody tighten it up now
Now look here we gon' make it mellow fo' you now gon' make it mellow now
Well tighten it up you can get it

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