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Karaoke Peanut Vendor Anita O'Day

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Lyrics of Peanut Vendor

Peanuts peanuts
If you haven't got bananas don't be blue
Peanuts in a little bag are calling you you you
For at the very break of day a peanuts vendors on his way
Through every city town and country lane
You'll hear him sing his plaintive little strain
And the sing goes by to you he'll say
Peanuts roasted today freshly roasted today
If you're looking for a moral to this song
Fifty million little monkeys can't be wrong
La la ba da dee dee dee da da ba da dey doh
Dey doh dey doh dey doh dey dey doh dey doh
La ba da dee dee dee da la ba doh dey doh dey doh
Da boh dey dey ba da boh da da dey dey boh da da dee doh
Peanuts money money money money money
Who wants money? it ain't hay
It isn't even peanuts peanuts today

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