Why Don't We Fall In Love Karaoke Amerie

Karaoke Why Don't We Fall In Love Amerie

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Lyrics of Why Don't We Fall In Love

So many things
I'm goin' through so much that I wanna do
It startin' to become so clear to me
Tomorrow ain't really guaranteed
So many days I've thought of you
It's about time you knew the truth
Got to act quickly you and I we fall in love so many reasons why
So why don't we yeah
Why don't we fall in love it's so many reason
It's the only thing that matters to me
It takes such a load off to let you know
That you're the only one
I never want to go
Think I never did know what to do
A love I never felt now I feel for you
Why don't I just swallow each and every ounce of my pride
Everything you do I wanna feel again
Ain't no use for us to pretend why
Why can't we why can't we
Why can't we we we can't we fall
Yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh fall in love
Hey come with me
Tomorrow ain't guaranteed no baby let's be
Baby let's be
Oh oh
Oh oh oh oh no no
I don't
Oh oh no
Oh oh yeah

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