This Ain't Gonna Work Karaoke Alain Clark

Karaoke This Ain't Gonna Work Alain Clark

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Lyrics of This Ain't Gonna Work

No sight of improving were like a song that just ain't groovin'
Oh the harder we try the more it seems that it's just not right
Ooh baby this ain't gonna work
Ooh baby this ain't gonna work no
Girl we got to make some changes
We share the same bed but we're living like strangers
Oh and sure we get by but if it ain't true
Then were livin' were livin' a lie girl
Ooh baby this ain't gonna work no
Ooh ooh ooh baby this ain't gonna work
Oh no no
Oh if it's up to you and me then why aren't we dancing yeah yeah
Oh I wish the powers that we we work in our way oh but that ain't like it is today
Come on
You're the back in me ooh
Oh and I really tryin' to feel you girl
Yeah I really wanna want you baby
I'm not trying to leave you girl but how am I gonna stay when
Hey this ain't gonna work
No it ain't you know come on
Ooh yeah pretty babe this ain't gonna work

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