How can I transfer my playlists to another computer?

Playlists you create in KaraFun Player are stored on your computer.

If you need to transfer your playlists on a new computer, follow the steps below:
  1. Close KaraFun Player
  2. Browse your computer to C:/ProgramData/Recisio/KaraFun2 (default location, the letter and path may vary depending on your setup)
  3. Copy all the files ending with .kplst
  4. On your other computer, paste the files you've just copied in the same directory
KaraFun Player should then display the playlists imported next time you launch KaraFun Player.

Please bear in mind this method is likely not to work with your local files (eg. on your computer) if they are not in the exact same location on both computers.

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  1. Of course you'll need to make sure you're not overwriting a different playlist with the same .kplst name...
  2. awesome THANK YOU

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