How can I update my debit / credit card information?

If you have a card already associated to your account:

To update your card information, go to the “My account” page and then the "My subscription" tab:
  1. Under the section "Payment method" click on "Update card info."
  2. Input the new card information and confirm.
Your subscription will continue until your renewal date (you can check this date under “KaraFun Monthly Subscription."

On the date when your subscription is set for renewal, the new card will be used.

If there is no card currently associated to your account:

You must wait for your subscription to end (check the date above under KaraFun Monthly Subscription) before you can sign up for automatic renewal.

When there is no active subscription, you are free to sign back up and process payment with a new card. The card will be saved on file for renewal but you can delete it at anytime and cancel your subscription by deleting your card.

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