Using keyboard shortcuts

To use a keyboard shortcut in KaraFun Player, press a modifier key at the same time as a character key. For example, pressing the Control key ("Ctrl" at the bottom of your keyboard) and then the up arrow increases the tone of your karaoke track.

Key or key combination What it does
Spacebar Play or pause a title
Ctrl + + Increase the volume
Ctrl + - Decrease the volume
Ctrl + Up Arrow Increase the tone
Ctrl + Down Arrow Decrease the tone
Shift + Ctrl + Up Arrow Increase the tempo
Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow Decrease the tempo
Right Arrow Move 5 seconds forward
Left Arrow Move 5 seconds backward
F5 Refresh (rescan the directory)
Key 0 Volume choirs and leads to zero
Key 1 Mute lead vocals
Key 2 Enable all vocals

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  4. Please can we have a short cut for Duel-Screen Display
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  6. Can I ALSO suggest that you try and do away with multi-key stroke actions for short cuts ??? Obvious examples would be : b - ( "b" as in flat in key signature ) - reduce pitch # - ( '# as in key signature ) increase pitch u "up" - increase tempo d (down") decrease tempo :
  7. Can you PLEASE have a shortcut for going to full size screen for lyrics display ?? - having to move mouse in window and then double click is a right Pain in the **** when performing live ! I suggest this should be a TOGGLE action using the "f" key PLEASE PLEASE ... NO "double key entries like ctrl +etc !! :
  8. Please can we have a shortcut for next track, Thanks
  9. Не работают горячие клавиши...
  10. Any keyboard shortcuts are good news. Keep up the good work!
  11. is it posible to make a shortcut for next track
  13. For practice it would be nice to have a replay button or shortcut as well as skip forward and backward in track--like most standard audio players.
  14. How about a keyboard shortcut for next track?

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