Can I create / synchronize playlists with KaraFun iPhone / iPad?

KaraFun iPhone / iPad allows you to create your own custom playlists and, within them, to record your tone, tempo, and volume settings. Then, you can add your songs to the queue from the playlist.

To make sure your preferences are saved correctly, please follow these steps:

  • Go to "my songs" > "create a playlist"
  • Give a name to your playlist and add as many songs as you want
  • Click on a song and tap on "change the options"
  • Change the tone, the tempo, the volume levels at your convenience
  • Click on "save"
Your changes are saved and you can add your songs to the queue from the playlist.

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  1. Hi,you should CLEARLY state that the I pad player dose NOT support playlist! Or develop one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \
  2. Can you please upgrade to having a playlist function. it saves alot of time trying to find stuff
  3. I like to organize my offline songs by theme or genre, so it would be helpful to have playlists supported.
  4. iCloud sync of playlists would be superb. Ability to search songs and collect them in a playlist for later use. Also to be able to gather songs on my iPhone to share later to my MacBook or an iPad or even to a friend!!!
  5. playlists are easier to work with, would like to see playlist available on my iphone
  6. My suggestion is to allow or provide the option to create a playlist for the iPhone

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