Can I use my own karaoke files in KaraFun iPhone / iPad?

No, using your own files is not possible on KaraFun iPhone / iPad.

However, the app gives you complete access to our online catalog containing over 44,000 songs.

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  1. I would be happy to pay for the app if it allows me to play from my collection of Karaoke files. Please consider making this possible.
  2. I would like an option to MASS download all of my own karaoke files. Not 1 at a damn time..
  3. I too would welcome the facilty to play kfn files I have already purchased. Anyone considering buying a windows tablet such as Surface please be aware that Karafun doesnt work at all on them as it is not a full windows version. Also miss the facility to compose own music with Studio. Please reconsider before someone beats you to it
  4. I too would be prepared to pay a one off premium to have this feature (downloading own CDG MP3 and KFN files previously purchased elsewhere)
  5. Hi Like others I would really like to import KFN files I have already bought from Karaoke version as well as lots of other CDG+MP3 files I have bought over the years to my iPad. I currently use another program that will play the CDG files but not the KFN files and I think the Karafun software is far superior. I can always use my PC laptop but that isn't as convenient especially when I play along with a keyboard as well (unless I buy a windows tablet of course which I don't want to do)
  6. I really want to be able to import my MP3+G Library! This app is great, but a lot of my songs aren't in the online library. I would gladly pay $ to have this feature in this app.
  7. I would gladly pay for a mobile version where I can play my own files.
  8. I too would love for Karafun to be a free app I can use on my tablet and play mo own karaoke files which I make through Karakan, then using the Karafun video and turned the midi to mp3 and combined it to an mp4 file which I have uploaded to my Youtube channel. I prefer your software over any other that are out there.
  9. Why not?
  10. I second Eselle. Please implement the ability to use our own files on a tablet. Thank you.
  11. It would be very useful to have the possibility of using our own files on a tablet. We would appreciate a lot this functionality inn KaraFun Mobile.

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