How to use KaraFun Player on an external display

Step 1 - Transfer video

You can use your television or video projector to display KaraFun lyrics and animations on a larger screen.

You need to plug the VGA (blue), DVI (white) or HDMI (black) connections, depending on which one is available on both your computer, television or video projector.

You can then, through display preferences, choose video copy (copy your screen on the other display), or extended display (will extend your desktop on the external display).

If you chose the last one, then you just need to turn on the Dual Display and drag and drop the window on the external display.

Turn on the Dual Display

Step 2 - Transfer audio

In most cases, your HDMI cable will be able to transfer the sound directly to your TV without any further actions needed by you.

However, you might need to use another cable to transfer the audio separately if your computer does not transfer audio through HDMI or if you want to send the audio to another device (HiFi, PA...).

You will need at least a cable with a 3.5mm connection (mini-jack) that will be plugged into the audio output of your computer (green), and a Cinch connection (red and white plugs) that you will plug into the auxiliary input of your HiFi or PA system.

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  • 4 years ago
    If I'm the first to comment on this, it's because one has to be tech savvy to understand it. So what I've learned from this is that I better do my homework if I'm going to play around with these kind of toys. jj ash

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