How can I suggest missing songs on KaraFun?

We are doing our utmost to offer you the most comprehensive karaoke catalog.

However, in some cases, a track which is unavailable means we don't have the necessary authorizations to use it. Have a look at our dedicated page listing the authors that do not authorize karaoke videos.

Yet, we do have a simple way to request a song on the following page :

Request a Song

Once you have validated your suggestion, our team will process and record your request.

Please bear in mind producing a karaoke may take time and we can't guarantee a release date should we have the rights and all the materials to produce this song.

Hence, we ask you to be patient and not to contact our technical support for your suggestions request to avoid unnecessary workload.

Happy Singing!

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  1. I'love to sing " forever may not be long enough " from LIVE. Thank you very much !!
  2. veggietales theme song live on stage version please!
  3. I would like to see more songs by Johnny Bush and Tony Booth and some more western swing by Bob Wills and others.
  4. Hi, to avoid useless requests maybe you should make the list of songs with rights issues searchable or at least alphabetical…
  5. Hello You Guys I really enjoy Kara fun and it's music but it's a blues Singer named Denise LaSalle She Has A Song Called Trapped By A Thing Called Love And I Would Love For You All To Put On There The Song Is About 2:42 so please try to get that on there for me I asked everyone if They can do it but no respond Denise LaSalle just passed Jan 8 2018 and they have no karaoke for her and I would love to sing karaoke with my family because we love Denise LaSalle thank you hope you guys can do
  6. i think you should have a section for covered song (songs not sung by the original artists) because most times even if i lower the key a lot of the songs are still to high, and i also just like other versions better, but they are hard to find. you should also make it so we’re able to search by song writer instead of just title and singer. thanks!
  7. Is there any chance that you can help me to get Norwgian songs in to Karafun? I realy realy realy need Norwgian songs. People ask me allways. As i live here in Norway.
  8. i'm quite surprised there are no KOREAN, JAPANESE AND PHILIPPINE karaoke songs here- well in fact they're kinda one of the avid karaoke addicts out there. put some please and you won't regret my comment- i'm also thinking of this as an option opening a business at my home country and this is kind of a nifty system. if you'll be going to make a business option, what i suggest is a karaoke room manager- if this is computer based, would be ideal if you have an admin panel for other rooms. etc.
  9. Please will you include 'New Fangled Tango' by Lena Horne. Why have pages and pages of songs not included...why not a search facility to save people from wading through.
  10. please get old violin by johnny paycheck on karafun
  11. I understand that they might not be as popular, but I'd like to see more traditional metal karaoke.
  12. can u add Nat King Coles "Smile" Thanks
  13. Can you please add Dark Night by The Blasters, Saving Grace by Everlast, Rumble n Sway by Jamie N Commons, and the following by BoA: Eat You Up, Energetic, & I Did It For Love. (all English versions)... Please & thank you so much :)
  14. I would like to have access to "My Love" as sung by Petula Clark.
  15. Hi! I literally fell in love with the song Amar pelos dois, winner of the Eurovision Contest. Are you planning to add it to the catalogue? Thanks! Stefania
  16. Could there possibly be more CARTOON THEME SONGS added? These would be great for young children, i.e. "Hot Diggity Dog"; "Super Why"; "Little EInstein"; "Wild Kratts", etc.
  17. Zac Brown Band - All Alright
  18. My wife and I would love if you are able to add a couple duets: Positive K - I Got a Man & Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous. Thanks for making Karafun so great.
  19. Can you also more songs by Survivor. Thanks again. Great job!!
  20. Can you please add. I.O.U. by Lee Greenwood and The Touch by Stan Bush. Thanks
  21. Trainwreck by James Arthur
  22. Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On
  23. Hello looking for song of Sting performed with "Iron Man" called Driven to tears
  24. Could you please add Brothers Osborn song It Ain't My Fault? Thanks. Great App
  25. Hello. I need a new song that you don't have. James - Getting Away With It (All Messed up) Is it possible to order?
  26. Could you add Canadian classics by Blue Rodeo, Till I am myself again, Bulletproof, Bad Timing and 5 days in May. Also She ain't Pretty by the Northern Pikes, these are my most requested songs and I don't have them.
  27. Can you please add "Joey" by Concrete Blonde?
  28. Can you please stop including songs that are not performed by the original artist. For example I don't need Cliff Richards version of Blueberry Hill or the Glee TV series version of anything. Some songs have become famous as remakes, so stick with those and spend more time on getting songs you don't have. and please No more Michael Buble or Elvis 'Orchestra' tracks of his originals. This is from a United States citizen point of view
  29. Josh Groban's Happy in My Heartache and Buble's I Believe in You
  30. Shooting Stars by bag raiders?
  31. How about adding a catalog of Tagalog songs? Filipinos have a voracious appetite for Karaoke. This would definitely add a huuuuuge chunk to your market.
  32. please add Reba McEntire don't touch me there and crystal bowersoxs farmers daughter
  33. The title of the question itself is "How can I suggest songs missing on KaraFun?". Then you explain how songs not in your catalog may be missing due to legal reason, but you don't explain neither IF one can request a song to be added or HOW. Also, it's great that you have a dedicated page for songs you can't add, but given the shear numbers of songs in that list it's more or less worthless without a search or sort function by title or artist.
  34. why cant I get eny bee gees
  35. please include some Mexican Mariachi songs. Thank you.
  36. Do you have who says you can't go home by Jennifer Nettles and Bon Jovi?
  37. a version of Ed Sheerans Castle On The Hill would be amazing !
  38. really would like visions by cliff Richards and travelling light by cliff Richards. thanks
  39. I would love more by elle king: catch us if you can, American girl, song of sorrow and ain't gonna drown. Also more cranberries: promises, free to decide, and forever yellow skies. Meghan trainor : this love. Thank you
  40. Hit Me Up and Youngblood by jem and the Holograms, Youre all i need by marvin gaye and tammi terrell Roxie from the motion picture Chicago not the broadway version Silly by deniece williams
  41. I would like to see more Pink Floyd, I see that you have one song, but that isn't even the good years with no Syd but still have waters. I would also like to see more Toad the Wet Sprocket off the fear album, they're all pretty much great.
  42. I don't understand "they don't authorize karaoke videos" these are not videos but Karaoke with graphics. Most of these songs are already on other CDG karaoke discs so I don't understand why you can't do the same. The songs that I would like to request I already have on CDGs but I would like to use your software.
  43. You need to add kid rock and Sheryl crow picture
  44. I would like to request the song "Don't Wanna Know" Maroon 5 feat Kendrick Lamar
  45. I used to sing the live version of ONE REASEON done live by Tracy Chapman and Eric Clapton. I loved that veesion. It is now mussing from your catalog.
  46. The musical "Miss Saigon". I'm sure it's available, as it's the same who did Les Miserables, which you have.
  47. Hello, I would love to have the song Makin Me Look Good Again by Drake White. Thanks you, Robert James Fancher
  48. I would appreciate if you would consider to get a larger broadway/musical category! I know that you have the authorization to use the songs from Hamilton - An american musical. And i would love if you got the rest of the score instead of the title song only.
  49. Requesting "There once was a man" from the Pajama Game
  50. I would like to see john prine songs.
  51. Michael Bolton - Santa Claus is coming to town
  52. I'd like to request: Whenever You're Away From Me From Xanadu by John Farrar.
  53. I need Las Mananitas. It is a Mexican birthday song that is very popular. Can you please add it? I looked everywhere! Thank you!
  54. Looking for Katy Perry's " Birthday" Song-Can you put in a request? Thank You! Lisa (Lee Lee)
  55. I check the list of unavailable songs and the song Da Butt by EU is not on there can we have this song added to Karafun it's available on other programs
  56. Jerry Lee Lewis - High School Confidential
  57. Landslide by fleetwood mac? I looked through 40 pages of your track not available list before giving up. It would be better if you had a way to search your list by song or artist. You might get fewer request.
  58. Please add Country: Philippines/Tagalog songs. You know us Filipinos and our love for karaoke.
  59. I would like to suggest "make me lost control"-Eric Carmen, "the search is over"-survivor, "like a prayer"-Madonna, and "I.O.U."-Lee Greenwood. Since the artists already appear on the song list. Thanks!!!
  60. I see Pitbull in the playlist as an artist, but I am looking for Greenlight and I don't see it. Is the track to new?
  61. I would like to suggest Kamelot - "love you to death". other than that I have been loving the stuff you provide and the software is amazing!!! thank you
  62. hi, coldplay, prince, and the eagles would be awesome please, I have a lot of requests for these. rebecca
  63. I really want to sing Cirice by Ghost (B.C.) even though it is "death metal" it's a good vocal song and you should consider putting it on here!
  64. I don't know if Karafun has Dutch employees, but I really like singing along to Het Goede Doel. So far the only song in the catalog is Vriendschap. Please, if at all possible, I would like to see more famous ones, like België, Gijzelaar and Alles Geprobeerd
  65. I think a lot of people would like more Broadway musicals. My favorite song is "If Ever I would leave you" sung by Robert Goulet in Camelot. thanks
  66. Dreams by fleetwood mac is one of the most requested songs I have for karaoke... Next to Picture by Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock... pleaassee get these songs
  67. Hi can you arrange for "Three Coins in the Fountain" movie version by Frank Sinatra or cover by The Four Aces. Love KaraFun Thanks
  68. I would like to have some local Caribbean music from tsunami band of Aruba....and OREO band also from can I get this songs on karafun?
  69. Hi could you possible add, GLADLY GO BLIND by FRANKIE MILLER ? Thanks Alex in Glasgow Scotland.
  70. Sure would like to have the songs by canadian "Michel Pagliaro" they are "What the hell i've got(1975)," "Lovin' you ain't easy" "Some sing some dance" These would be soooooooo cool! Thank You!
  71. I see there's a great selection of Postmodern Jukebox covers, which are fabulous - but Haley's version of Radiohead's Creep is missing. Any chance of an add?
  72. I have been looking for Teddy Pendegrass - Turn off the lights. Can this be added?
  73. Please can you get any and as many Jazmine Sullivan songs as you can get, especially Famous, Veins, and Masterpiece. And Stuck With Me by Tamia pleeeeaseeee!
  75. I am in a time crunch for a memorial service that is requesting I sing Johnny Mathis version of Brian's Song, The hands of time. Is that a song that you can make available? Thank you, Keenan
  76. Blaze of Glory- Bon Jovi Hasta Ayer- Marc Anthony Down- 311
  77. Chappycc More eagles definitely, Lying eyes for one , Patsy Cline Your cheating heart.
  78. After checking the list, I'm missing songs from the country of origin of karaoke: Japan. They have quite numerous great bands with great songs in every range from ballads up to metal. The following bands/singers are already or almost worldstars: One Ok Rock, Scandal, Babymetal, Kalafina, Kanon Wakeshima, Liv Moon, Kokia
  79. need more of the eagles that's all I get asked for also more vince gill if possible
  80. Ronnie Milsap - Smoky Mountain Rain
  81. Tracy Lawrence - Sticks and Stones
  82. Please add Hello "My Old Heart" by The Oh Hello's and "Mother" by Danzig.
  83. Gosh, where is 'Time After Time' by Cyndi Lauper? You have other tracks by her, but not this one. Also, 'The Working Hour' by Tears for Fears would be great. Also, 'Juicy' by Notorious B.I.G for some rap fun would be fun. Let me commend you on your selection, though. It's great!
  84. Can you plz get bartender by rehab everyone else has it. Also Aaron Lewis country boy. Or a player that streams and allows me to play my own
  85. Looking for a lot of Prince here in light of his recent passing. I'm guessing that the rights are pretty tied up?
  86. Would like to see "Jane" by Jefferson Starship
  87. Is it possible to get more Christian karaoke, IE David Crowder, Come as you are? Just need more Christian Songs in your database
  88. I appreciate you may not be authorized for certain songs,could you please look into adding an old stereophonics song, you're my is on their latest album as an acoustic version , its a great song.either version or both would be fab .here's hoping many thx Roy !!!!!!!
  89. never let you down colbie caillat, really want to see it on here if you can do it?
  90. you have no night ranger songs. sister christian. don't tell me you love me,etc. i have several from soundchoice years ago. i'm trying to use your service exclusively.
  91. Had a few requests for Harper Valley PTA
  92. I would love to see this song on here, so I can add it to my Friday night karaoke repertoire!!! "The sound of Silence" in the stylings of Disturbed... its a cover of the original simon & garfunkel song of the same name.
  93. When will the Adele's new CD including Hello be ready?
  94. Till we meet again, a North American iconic song (not Vera Lynn), but sung by connive Francis, Doris day and the miller brothers to mention a few, should be available. Please let me know if it will be. Thank you Adrian Bligh
  95. how deep is the ocean how high is the sky------cole porter song
  96. Nevertheless ... Mi buen amor by gloria estefan would be nice
  97. REALLY love "Sorry" by Justin Beiber
  98. Please include Like a Prayer from Madonna. Thanks
  99. I would love to see more patrizio buanne songs on there ce la luna mezz'o mare
  102. Please get.. Goldedust women (steveie nicks) Kinda women (stevie nicks) Rhianna ( fleetwood mac) You got lucky ( tom petty) You better run ( pat benetar)
  103. Would love it if you would have the "Baby Jesus is Born" by Garth Brooks. That is my absolute favorite Christmas song in the world!
  104. how come you do not have any abba songs and will you get some in the future
  105. Maybe some Danish songs. Rasmus Seebach, burhan g, joey Moe.
  106. Eric Church songs "Mr. Misunderstood"; "Round Here Buzz"
  107. Jess Moskaluke!
  108. (Songs by) Jason Reeves: Someone somewhere, Photographs and memories, The End, Gasoline, Entwined, Pretty Eyes, You In A Song, Just Friends.
  109. Garth Brooks, What she's doing now.
  110. strokin
  111. 3 requests. "scream" by Halestorm, "unapologetic" also by Halestorm, and "The Fighter" By In This Moment
  112. 3 requests please. Lose Yourself by Eminem Losing My Religion by REM Walk Of Life by Dire Straits
  113. once before i go is a wonderful song by peter allen...can it added to the list
  114. Hi Alex Here, from glasgow scotland, why was the elvis song, If I Can dream, taking of your playlist ?
  116. I ment Dutch singer and my idol. Hate my dictionary sometimes hahaha
  117. I really, really, really would love to have the karaoke version of I won't play that game from Anouk (dutch dingen and my idolen). I hope you can help me with this. As I don't know how to make a karaoke version on my own. :(
  118. Nick Cave
  119. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
  120. Precious and Few by Climax....PLEASE! ; )
  121. toxicity by system of a down please
  122. Probably had this request a few times: Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
  123. we would like Jewel, Ed Sheeran's "you need me i dont need you" the real version from the + album. also Rodney Carrington, Dixie Chicks "Goodbye Earl" please
  124. Please any Foxy Shazam, and more Bowling for Soup and Flight of the Conchords.
  125. Please: Chili Peppers - Slow Cheetah, Especially in Michigan, She Looks to Me
  126. 25 Minutes to go-Johnny Cash, Please read the letter-Alison Krause &Robert Plant If possible
  127. Please add the song Ceilings by Local Natives
  128. well just in case you come across it...We Live On Borrowed's a broadway song.....thanks
  129. Please get some more Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, Crossfade. You have 1 or 2 of there songs, I'm assuming you can get more. Not trying to threat, but I signed up for 30 days, If you are unable to get more current Rock-N-Roll in 30 days, I will have to switch to another provider.
  130. I would like to get Jimmy Rankin "Feel the same way too", and Neil diamond
  131. My new fave jam is House Party by Sam Hunt. You have his other song, wink wink, nudge nudge
  132. im looking for a Waylon Jennings song " Wild Ones " can you find this track please
  133. Request: The Scarlet Thing In You - Peter Murphy Here's hoping...
  134. can you get Abba
  135. I know you have several people you have to satisfy with your service so I hate to complain about such a thing as this. But I can't help but notice your new additions recently (and for just about the last entire month) has had a lot of Disney songs and not much else. I check almost daily for your updates and it's been a long time since I've seen something worth singing whereas it used to seem like I found something almost weekly. Please move on from all the kiddie songs!
  136. I'd want to see Apocalyptica's Not Strong Enough Karaoke Version ! would be Amazing!
  137. i cant find my women my women my wife from Marty robbins
  138. Would love to see more Irish songs.
  139. You don't have Justin Timberlake's and Westlife's agreement as well? So sad :(
  140. Why not Bon Jovi????
  141. Oh my older player you had a file that stated "more songs" this is not available on this player and seems to limit my choices can you explain, thank you.

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