How do you choose the new tracks for KaraFun?

For KaraFun, two main factors influence the choice of producing a new track:

  • The agreement to use the given track on KaraFun (we must have obtained the rights from the artists and publishers)
  • The popularity of the given track (based on suggestions from our users)

Thus, we first record the popular tracks we are allowed to produce.

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  1. Please add more Spanish options. Jenni Rivera Selena Alicia Villarreal Grupo Limite Vicente Fernandez Ana Barbara
  2. More White Lies songs, pls
  3. "The last time I felt like this" Johnny Mathis and Jane Olivor. A beautiful, beautiful duet
  4. Please add some Les Miz.
  5. Bon Jovi should be pretty popular, but you have none. Mazzy star might be an unusual choice, but she has a voice that is so distinctive and would be fun to karaoke it. I would love to see lists of up coming new songs, and possibly have the Karafun community cast votes.
  6. JEWEL is my favorite would love to see some of her if possible

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