10 times to karaoke that aren't for a birthday or NYE

The presents have been opened, the champagne toasted and the guests hoarse from renditions of "We Are The Champions" and "Don't Stop Believing." Before packing up the microphones with the disco ball, karaoke doesn’t have to be reserved for drunk NYE parties or once a year on birthday celebrations.

Luckily there are 365 days in a year for celebrating and always a reason to sing!

Here are 10 occasions synonymous with karaoke party.

1. Bachelor(ette) Party

Break out the boa and champagne, blast a little Queen Bey Single Ladies and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Boys, get in on the action, karaoke isn't reserved solely for the ladies.

2. Graduation Party

Gone are the days when graduation meant stuffing faces with an overly frosted sweet sheet cake marked “Congratulations Graduate” and opening Hallmark cards with a freshly ironed dollar bill inside. Change it up with some karaoke. If you're feeling nostalgic, you’ve got Miley’s The Climb, Don’t Stop Believing or (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.

3. Office / Retirement Party

We can’t guarantee a gossip-free Monday around the water cooler, but we can promise a lively rendition of songs like I Gotta Feeling, Bang Bang or Footloose.

4. Boat Trip / BBQ

Sing on a boat, sing on a goat, sing outdoor, sing in a drugstore. You get the point, you can take KaraFun where you want when you want and a boating excursion or an outdoor BBQ is the perfect spot. Just make sure you're taking advantage of the offline mode.


Instead of ping-ponging ideas for hours that get shot down right and left, best to simply agree to a Friday night in-house karaoke party. Set up goes no further than switching on your phone (and getting off the couch!).

6. Baptism / Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Mazel-tovs and blessings may reign the day, but instead of odd congregations around the buffet table over awkward small talk,your guests will be huddled around the microphone instead. George called it, just gotta have Faith!

7. Wedding

While there's nothing quite like a photo booth to preserve the memories, in the moment, there may not be a dry eye in the house after a good rendition of I Will Always Love You. Just beware of exes that have frequented the open bar and may be eyeing the mic.

8. Couples' Baby Shower

A basketball pedicure theme or pink poker? Combining men and women’s interests for a baby reveal party or a couple’s shower isn't the easiest of feats. Karaoke, on the other hand, is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that takes no thought at all. Battle it out with this playlist.

9. National Holiday

Between the swimming and the fireworks, a patriotic chorus gets the sparks going. We’ve even figured it all out for how to set up and order stage that may get as many oohs and ahhs as Uncle Charlie in his speedo. Here's how to prepare for an outdoor celebration in 3 simple steps.

10. Do you need a reason?

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 38,000!

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