Tip of the Month: printing and editing the song catalog

Our catalog of 35,000 songs is updated regularly and any additions are automatically added to all of our apps every time you open the application. These updates and a full list of songs are available for all of your guests to browse in printable PDF or CSV format here.

You’ll find the following categories available to print:

  • My favorites
  • Entire catalog
  • Most popular (1,000 top songs)
  • Added in
  • Popular languages

Printing and editing

All categories are available in PDF format. If you need to edit the catalog, use the CSV format that is available in a link below the category Entire catalog. The CSV format will allow you to open the entire catalog in an editing software like Microsoft Excel. giving you the option to make changes to the font, size, color, content, and lots more!

How to export and print a selection of songs on Windows or Mac

Exporting a selection of songs via the Mac and Windows KaraFun applications is easy and will generate a CSV document of the selected items.

  • Windows: Click on the category of choice (offline, favorites, or a playlist) > Right click > Export. Alternatively, you can highlight selected songs then go to the menu bar, click on File > Export selection.
  • Mac: Select and highlight desired songs > File > Export selection.

Remote control

Don't forget about the remote control option. Environmentally friendly and always up to date, you can also access the entire updated catalog from any smartphone or tablet. Find out more here.

Got questions? Visit our help center or read our blog articles with lots of how-to-use tips.

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 35,000!

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