15 GIFs that explain karaoke

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a GIF has gotta be worth an infinity. Here, 15 situations that you'll encounter while karaoke-ing.

1. First, a quick lesson in how your vocal chords work:

2. When the microphone gets pointed at you unexpectedly:

3. When you finally bite the bullet and grab the microphone:

4. When you went too far with the liquid courage:

5. How you think you look singing:

6. How you really look singing:

7. When the words speak to you:

8. When you know you just sang the karaoke of your life:

9. When somebody criticizes your rendition:

10. When you are having trouble following the words:

11. When you know all the Disney classics by heart, that you don't even need to follow along anymore:

12. When you are the only one that knows the choreography:

13. When your friends don't want to sing, but want to participate:

14. When your friend thinks she's the next Mariah Carey:

15. When you realize your friend is the next Mariah Carey:

Source: www.giphy.com

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