5 tips to overcome karaoke stage fright

The KJ calls your name, you’re up! Palms sweaty, lights burn down on you, microphone’s thrust in your face, you take the stage to belt out your favorite tune and …..nothing! Not a peep, not a squawk, nothing!

Stage fright’s gotten the best of you. When the fight against your nerves seems to be losing, here are five tips to take back control.


The simple act of breathing deeply in and out has been proven to calm nerves and thwart uneasiness.

Focus on the song

Concentrate on the song, your breathing, the scrolling words. This will keep you focused on the karaoke itself and not on the public, the person dancing in the back and the the distraction of your mind wandering to stressful places it shouldn’t.

Pass up the shot of liquid courage

It’s called liquid courage for a reason, but in the case of karaoke, too much alcohol can actually create more tension. Opt for water instead as a hydrated body can help you sing better and help you manage the situation.

Sing with others

If your confidence is waning, singing in a duo or group will allow you to rely on others, put you at ease.

Prepare song in advance

If you know a song and are comfortable with it, why mess with success? If you’ve got jitters, sticking to what you know will help you master your performance with ease.

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