First time karaoke-er? Here’s what to expect!

You've been invited to a karaoke birthday party and while you’ve got no problem celebrating like it’s 1999, you’ve never sung karaoke and the apprehension and anticipation quickly rise.

What if you sing badly? What if you don’t know the words? Gasp... what if they laugh?!

Before you RSVP “Sorry, out of town that weekend”, let's analyze what a first-time-karaoke-er can expect along with some tips to not only get you through I Will Survive but in a way that even Gloria would appreciate!

What to expect?

Expect to sing
While you'll never be forced to sing against your will, you'll certainly be handed the mic at one point in the night... roll with it!
Tip: Have a song to sing already in mind. How about the one you belt out when you're in the shower? Choosing a song that you like and are comfortable with will make your first time easier. Another tip: avoid these songs.

Singing off-key is common
You’re not competing for The Voice and nobody expects you to be the next Whitney so relax, enjoy and sing!
Tip: Even Whitney had her backup singers so turn up the backing vocals, adjust the key and sing! Here's how to adjust the vocals and the key.

Pre-performance jitters are normal
As a first-timer, it's natural to feel butterflies in your stomach, but as Taylor sang...Shake it off, sh-sh-shake it off!.
Tip: Breathe: inhale and exhale, repeat! You're surrounded by friends and you’re meant to have fun. Stress less!

Mic-hogs exist
You're brilliantly belting out "Sweeeeeet Caroline, bom, bom bom!" (Neil Diamond would be proud) when suddenly the mic is snatched from your hands by your best friend. Shocked, you calmly remind yourself that it is his birthday and you quickly switch into backup singer mode.
Tip: For a virgin-karaoke-er, sharing the microphone with others may be in your favor! We recommend choosing a duet to avoid random microphone grabs. Check out our duet playlists for ideas.

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