Why do certain songs get stuck in our head?

We’ve all been victim; a friend sings something out loud and the rest of the day the melody and lyrics are stuck in your head. From the Macarena to Let it Go often a good night’s sleep isn’t enough to get away from the haunting, but oh-so-good, melody.

According to a study published by the journal, Psychology of Music, 90% of the population reports getting a song stuck in their head at least one time per week.

While it is a a common problem, the type of song varies on the person and personal tastes.

What elements make up a catchy song?

Popularity - The more popular a song, the more likely you are to hear it and thus the more likely it will remain on the brain.

Composition - According to studies at conducted by Dr. Kelly Jakubowski at University of Durham, songs that are reported to get stuck in your head include the following elements:

  • A simple melody with a chorus that is easy to remember.
  • Irregular intervals.
  • A faster tempo. Tempo influences our brain and its ability to grasp songs as does physical activity and movement, reports show.

Tips to letting songs go

  • Listen or sing the song in its entirety - Listening to a song from start to finish allows your brain to let it go
  • Think of other things - Recent research published in the British Journal of Psychology shows that the more a person tried to not think about a catchy song, the more likely it was to stay! Try meditation, it may divert your thoughts.
  • Try a brain teaser - Performing tasks considered to work the brain (sudoku, crosswords, puzzles, etc.) can help strengthen it and distract the mind.
  • Chew gum - Participants in a study at the University of Reading reported that chewing gum helped to phase out the lyrics and melody faster than those who did not chew gum.

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