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Essential elements for organizing a karaoke party

You’re the one people call chatty, welcoming to the extreme and so with great enthusiasm, you call up your friends and invite them to what is sure to become an awesome karaoke party.
But, when the time comes, you reluctantly realize that you're not completely certain of what you’ll need for the party apart from your good intentions and peppy spirit. Don’t panic, KaraFun is here to remind you of the necessary, albeit predictable, essentials.

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10 times to karaoke that aren't for a birthday or NYE

The presents have been opened, the champagne toasted and the guests hoarse from renditions of "We Are The Champions" and "Don't Stop Believing." Before packing up the microphones with the disco ball, karaoke doesn’t have to be reserved for drunk NYE parties or once a year on birthday celebrations.

Luckily there are 365 days in a year for celebrating and always a reason to sing!

Here are 10 occasions synonymous with karaoke party.

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Tip of the Month: subscription renewal

To keep the karaoke going, KaraFun subscriptions are set up for automatic monthly renewal. Want to stop it? It's easy in just a couple of clicks. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about your subscription renewal so that the music never stops!

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Songs for a sunny summer around the world

No need to have gotten an A+ in math to calculate that Sun + School's Out = S-U-M-M-E-R!

For many, this simple calculation equates to a little holiday RnR. And whether time off takes you to the ends of the earth, the music shouldn't stop during your vacay. We’ve lined up some songs to help you celebrate the coming summer months based on where the wind takes you.

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