Tip of the month: playlists


Cat got your tongue? So many song choices that you’re not quite sure which one to choose? With so many great songs to pick from, finding the perfect song for the perfect occasion can be a tough task.

Say hello to KaraFun playlists. Handpicked from your suggestions, our talented musicians and music buffs, KaraFun has compiled a variety of playlists perfect for any occasion or mood that may strike.

What are playlists?

A collection of karaoke songs grouped by themes and hand-selected by our music masters. There’s one for everything... Happy Birthday, Karaoke Classics, Jazz Divas, Let’s Boogie! and the list is growing!

Where can I find the playlists?

For the moment, you’ll find KaraFun playlists on our iPhone or iPad application, or on our website. And soon you’ll find them on all KaraFun applications so keep your eyes peeled!

How many songs are in each playlist?

Length of playlists vary, but all playlists give you a minimum of a good round of singing.

How do I play the songs in a playlist?

It's as easy as playing any other song: just browse, and get singing when you've found your song.

Can I mix and match?

Sure! Most of our apps offer the queue, allowing you to browse and pick 1, 2, 5 or even the whole playlist and play it. Just add any song you love to the queue.

How can I make my own playlist?

Our music list wizards are at your disposal to hear your needs. Don’t hesitate to send us your ideas!

Still have a question?

Check out our Help Center or our Tips of the Month.

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