KaraFun for iPhone and iPad. Now better, stronger and made for you!


KaraFun is back and ready to take on all of your karaoke parties with our newest, completely updated and freshly designed application for iPhone and iPad.

Behind its modern revamping and its appealing new looks, this version offers you themed playlists, a little ditty with background music and lots more options that makes it even better than before.

But let’s give the app the mic...

What is your new favorite feature?

Playlists, hand’s down. When I don’t know what to sing, this gets me going. I’m currently making my way through the playlist Jazz Club. So much good stuff!

What is one feature you could never live without?

One tap key and tempo change. Now, just tapping on the Player screen makes these controls appear.

What is your favorite song to sing on the app?

With 29,000 songs, that’s a tough one. At the moment, Can’t Stop The Feeling from Justin Timberlake or Céline Dion’s new stuff.

What are you looking forward to for your next karaoke party?

I think adding to the Queue and syncing songs offline by swiping a song left or right will make prepping for the party so much faster and easier.

Anything else?

So much more... the new search history, the fact that songs can be set to skip to the next one when the lyrics have ended, background music!

Download the new app here

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  • 1 year ago
    I really love Karaoke and hoping I got it in my I- pad..more power karafun