Hot karaoke spots around the world


Karaoke is taking the world by storm! No longer just an after-work pastime in Asia, Karaoke Boxes have been popping up here there and everywhere.

These private spaces aren’t just the latest trend, they’re here to stay and so we’ve listed our top picks to sing your hearts out around the world.

Lucky Voice - England

With seven locations scattered from Brighton to Manchester and the major cities in between, if you’re in England you're likely to find a Lucky Voice not too far off. They’ll say it’s your most “liberating, heart-racing, life-affirming private karaoke experience on Earth.” How can you argue with that?

BAM - Paris, France

Proof that karaoke is taking the world by storm, Paris' BAM, just opened their second location in the City of Lights. Should you find yourself on a Parisian getaway, visit the sparkling tower and then be sure to swing by BAM for some after hour singing!

Blind Dragon - Los Angeles, USA

Across the pond, you’ll find the celebrity hotspot of Blind Dragon located on the hip Sunset Boulevard. Classy kitsch, decked out in full Asian regalia, Blind Dragon has been such a hit that plans to open a second in Dubai are in the works.

KaraFun Bar- Lille, France

This one’s our favorite (we're not biased or anything)! We told you about it before, but we just can’t contain our excitement. Set to open in winter of 2016, our very own KaraFun Bar is the largest you’ll find in Europe with 15 private karaoke boxes, each one uniquely designed, and the KaraFun name that you have come to know and trust.

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