Unleash the singer within: tips to sing your best


Maybe it's fear, timidity, or perhaps it all boils down to a lack of confidence, whatever it is, your karaoke sessions are reserved to a party of one. But karaoke, as intended by its Japanese inventors, is a popular pastime intended for groups and not conducive solely to your shower sessions.

To help you to work up the nerve to share your singing with others in complete confidence, a quick pep talk and some tips from us to you!

Dear KaraFun Karaoke-er,

Karaoke isn't reserved for the Aretha Franklins, the Pavarotti's and the regulars at the karaoke joint around the corner.

Karaoke is for you! Yes, YOU! To get that extra boost of confidence and make sure you’re in optimal conditions, we recommend the following:


Relax your body, relax your mind and just breathe. Take a deep breath in and out! This will calm any pre-performance jitters and open airways, helping you project sound and sing better.

Eat something

Being in the spotlight is bound to give even the most experienced some sweaty palms. To make sure that the lights don’t go out, have something in your stomach. A dose of liquid courage may help, but you may want to think twice before upping your dosage as too much alcohol can have negative effects on your voice.

Know your range

Mariah will go down in history as one of the most talented singers, largely because of her exhaustive vocal range. Don’t attack a song that is beyond your means. Don’t know where you fall? Here’s our quick guide to hitting the highs and lows.

Pick what you know

Familiarity is a good thing. You’ll be more at ease choosing a song that you already know and are comfortable with.

Have confidence

Repeat after us...Yes I can! Get the voices out of your head telling you otherwise. You’ve got this, now believe it. And should hissing or booing pursue, let it. You're there to karaoke and have fun, not to audition for The Voice.

Stage presence

Strut your stuff and look your public in the eyes. There are artists out there that may not have the best voice, but are seemingly more popular than Sinatra and Elvis combined. How? They’ve got charisma, pizazz and an awesome stage presence. Learn from them.

Bring on the backing vocals

Don’t forget that KaraFun has got that extra little something up it’s sleeve. When all else fails, turn up the backing vocals on the songs for an extra boost of confidence.

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