Interview with a pro KJ - Jeff from Kobalt

Self-described as the bar with a "little something different," Kobalt, located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, prides itself on it's title of Best Karaoke in Phoenix! With karaoke being offered twice a week, the club is reminiscent of "American Idol" auditions with "a few really talented singers, a lot of decent ones and some tone-deaf entertainers." Open since 2006, Kobalt's KJs give us their do's and dont's of making a successful soirée!

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Jeff, manager at Kobalt in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

How do you use KaraFun?

We host karaoke nights twice a week.

Give us three pointers to ensure an awesome karaoke party?

  • Have a great host
  • Introduce singers
  • Always encourage guests to just have fun

Any pro tidbits that you might share that the average karaoke-er might not know about?

The more screens the better and always have at least three microphones ready if possible.

What feature on KaraFun do you use the most? Why?

Playlists! They help ensure you never have to think about what song to sing.

What three songs always get the party going?

Which song should be avoided like the plague?

"My Heart Will Go On" as made famous by Céline Dion

What would you say to the naysayers and the fearful, unwilling to try karaoke?

It's about having fun, not just how well you can sing!

A message or anything else you might like to share with other karaoke-ers?

Sing like there's no tomorrow!

And you? Got any tips of your own for a successful karaoke night? Share them with us below!

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 45,000!

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