Secrets from our pro KJs

Karaoke is one of those things that’s pretty simple to organize and 99.9% of the time goes off without a hitch. But when that off chance happens that there’s a lull in the music and yawns from the crowd, getting back those good vibrations becomes a bit tricky.

So, to help out on those rare occasions when times get tough, we’re launching a monthly series in which we ask professional KJs (that’s industry talk for a Karaoke DJ) to help you out! But before we get to the one-on-one interviews, here’s a quick overview of what they all seem to agree on.

Choose songs wisely
Try avoiding slow, too personal and even religious songs. As one pro KJ puts it, these songlist choices "can slowly kill a party."

Song suggestion is vital
In case you don’t have that rare aboriginal mix from the 80s (and yet KaraFun's got thousands of songs), our KJ pros tell us to be ready to suggest something different. This avoids any disappointment or lull in the music.

Lead by example
A good KJ can’t be shy. It’s his/her job to make sure that the party keeps on moving. Set an example from the beginning but also be ready to step in at any minute. Make a fool of yourself if needs be, but make participants feel comfortable with your words and your actions.

Make it real with some pro material
With or without microphone, speaker and external screens, karaoke’s fun, but imagine your guests with mic in hand and speakers blaring! The right equipment sets the mood!

Introduce Singers
"Tonight, for one song and one song only Mr. John Doe ladies and gentlemen!" A little hyped up introduction gets the crowd going and helps guests feel like they're involved.

It’s not at all about the singing!
Who woulda thought? According to our most experienced KJs, it’s all about having fun! Singing on key undoubtedly makes for a more pleasant night, but making sure that karaoke-ers are enjoying themselves is really what it is all about.

Want to learn more from our KJ pros?
Starting in September, we’ll bring you an interview from some of KaraFun’s best KJs for more tips and tidbits to help you make the most of your karaoke party! Stay tuned!

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 39,000!

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