6 songs that leave you saying "What?!"

A pre-planned emergency exit is always useful for any karaoke singer who’s miserably and desperately free-falling in front of unknown song lyrics. We’ve all been there, trying to save face by mumbling through the words. Even some well-known songs may still get the best of us. Maybe it's the lyrics that are just a little too complex or simply some wacky word play instead of comprehensible text. Whatever the cause, here are six songs with misunderstood song lyrics.


Forgotten songs that were popular just last year

The 30+ year-olds amongst us might remember bubble gum in a tube? It came and went just as quickly as its synthetic flavor. And just like gum in a tube, the following tracks may have already lost their zing, spit out in spite of their unexplainable sweet melody, played out repeat. Quickly chewed and spit out, here are the tubes of 2018 that you've likely already forgotten.


What happened in March?

152 songs in Karaoke Songs were added to KaraFun during the month of March. Discover Sucker, Walk me Home or Wow. already available on KaraFun.

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God bless the kings of rock: a Brexit playlist

In addition to his huge musical legacy, John Lennon left behind some pretty humorous jabs. One of the most famous "French rock is like English wine," cruel as it may be, emphasized the supremacy of France in wine and England in rock. An accepted remark being that Lennon was well placed to comment on this last point, being among the pioneers of the British invasion that took over the 1960s. Don't believe us? Add it all up for yourself: the majority of the big names of music of the twentieth century are English: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, David Bowie, and so many more.
So, while Brexit is looming, we'd argue that in addition to the loss of a country, Europe will lose an enormous part of its musical heritage, evidenced by this playlist...


Karaoke songs with unforgettable dance moves

Just as some songs entertain the ears, others entertain the eyes and become classics thanks not to the music but rather their illustrious dances.
Sometimes it’s an innovative dance move, sometimes wild gesticulation that makes the dance become more popular than the song. Whatever it may be, here are five songs with infamous dance moves that will be passed on to posterity.