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“Dear KaraFun” - your questions, our answers

On a daily basis, the KaraFun team receives questions from around the world. While we may not have all the answers (some remain a mystery like who let the dogs out and how many roads must a man walk down), one thing is sure... We know KaraFun really, really well!

In order to answer your most-asked questions, we're launching a short blog series called "Dear KaraFun." Each month, we'll respond on our blog to a user's question to help you get the most out of our apps for your karaoke party.

This month: a question from Nancy in California on how to use KaraFun on multiple devices.

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Say 'Hi' to our latest update of KaraFun Web

We are very excited because today is a BIG day!

We've been hard at work over the last few months designing a brand new version of our online player. It comes in pretty handy when you want to throw a karaoke party without installing anything on the host computer.

Since we're reaching a stable version, we're releasing an early version that you can try as of today. It includes cool features that were missing in the previous online player, like the Queue and playlists.

We'll also be rolling out over time some features that are very popular in our other apps: Remote control, Separate vocals... So stay tuned for those improvements.

In the meantime, click below to try it from your computer and let us know what you think!

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Choosing a microphone

While you technically only need a KaraFun application on your device to belt out 34,000 of your favorite songs, it’s admittedly loads more fun with a microphone in hand. So, let’s walk through the options and the basics of setting up a microphone when using KaraFun.

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Karaoke songs that have surpassed the language barrier

Music has no geographical boundaries, nor does it have a given tongue (aside perhaps from The Rolling Stones' logo). Some of the world’s most popular songs are not English.

So, is a song’s popularity in its words? Or is it in the power of its melody? Perhaps, it is the foreign touch that gives it instant irresistibility? How else can the cult following of French artist Serge Gainsbourg by the Brits or the success of German group Rammstein in the U.S. be explained?

Let’s take a little trip around the world and a crash course in languages with these seven global hits.

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