Sing! Your morale and your health will thank you for it

Singing has been around since time immemorial. It's never left us, through billions of vocal cords, billions of human beings. Some are true sopranos, while others will never audition for American Idol. Singing can be used to declare war, it can protect secrets and denounce injustices. And last but not least, singing has a soul-warming power and it can make speak for your heart! Feel like learning more about this amazing antidote? Here are all the reasons to sing to keep your spirits up in all circumstances and to no longer feel isolated!

Sing to relax, combat stress and anxiety!

Let's face it, there are good days and bad days. When you start your week, you might feel fresh as a daisy, and think that Rihanna's Don’t Stop The Music was written just for you. Twenty-four hours later, you have to deal with your micromanaging boss, face the grind of the office and respond to a gazillion emails. All these warning signals cause a surge of stress. It's not as bad as the panic attack you had in the frozen aisle of a supermarket, with Taylor Swift's You Need to Calm Down as background music, but almost.

The benefits of singing: Singing allows you to achieve an advanced state of relaxation, it's your own personal relaxation chamber. By focusing on your voice and the sounds it generates, you focus on what is going on deep inside yourself. Singing is about living in the moment and leaving aside the mundane matters of your daily life!

Sing to be happy and to stay positive

You have not been your usual self lately. You ponder about the meaning of life, everything seems a bit pointless, you've really been down in the dumps. It would be tempting to try and comfort you with depressing melodies: a sweet little bubble but that would be in appearance only! Or you could cry your heart out but that can quickly become a trap, filled with a melancholic darkness (it all sounds a bit grim, doesn't it?). It's about time to make your pretty face remember what it feels like to smile. Yes, , Lily Allen herself urges you to do so.

The benefits of singing: you release oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, whose chemical properties trigger a mix of pleasure and happiness (thank you hormones!). According to the latest scientific research, singing makes us all feel better, or to put it differently, it makes us feel good about ourselves. By triggering this aerobic work, blood oxygenation is pushed to its maximum for renewed energy and good mood. In fact, this “good mood” effect will stick around for a while, it will continue to affect your mood for many hours, if not for the rest of the day.


Sing to open up to others and to create unique connections

Are you the shy type with an annoying tendency to curl up? Singing is a message in a bottle, a flag floating proudly in the wind that orders you to dare. Granted, to dare to exist in the eyes of others and to give oneself the permission to find one’s place is a tall order. But you must learn to let go. Singing in a group will allow you to take on a real challenge, that of the fear of the gaze or judgment of others. You'll feel like you're flying through the air thanks to Nelly Furtado's I’m Like a Bird.

The benefits of singing: even when done remotely (whoever invented the videoconference, thank you!), singing unites communities, actual tribes from around the world. Special bonds are forged, especially when the voices resonate in unison. You participate in the creation of a new instrument that can only be played ...with other people!

Sing to boost your health and to stay fit

Climbing 5 sets of stairs is a real obstacle course for you, you're sweating bullets after moving for 3 minutes on Lou Bega'sMambo No.5 … And the list goes on. Tired of sounding like a dying seagull when you're breathing. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, does that ring a bell? You don’t have to run for ages on a treadmill in an empty gym. Singing is a treasure chest, filled with therapeutic virtues, that can clearly help you boost your physical abilities.

The benefits of singing—not only do you increase the capacity of your respiratory and pulmonary system and strengthen the muscles of your rib cage, but you also work your whole body: We can tell you that after singing for a few hours, you’ll feel like you just swam a 150-meter Olympic race, followed with a hot yoga session and a marathon in the mountains. It has been shown that singing is used as part of rehab to treat short- and long-term conditions.


Sing to sharpen your memory and cognitive abilities

Life is not a long, quiet river, even though sometimes, it'd be nice to play it like Emma Stone in La La Land: seduce Ryan Gosling by singing Someone in the Crowd. There are always urgent things to do. And sometimes we forget the most important ones, we skip appointments, we leave without locking the door or we forget that we left the turkey in the oven. What's that slight smell of burning? Snap, you’re already 30 minutes late for your drink with Aunt Rachel, you totally forgot about that one.

The benefits of singing: By singing, you make sure you can maintain your quick wit. Practically speaking, singing activates many regions in your brain, giving you the opportunity to stimulate your psychomotor skills, your memory and your attention. Many doctors use singing in the context of their professional activities to help their patients recover some lost memories, as a result of a trauma, or some form of amnesia.

Sing to give yourself confidence and to assert yourself

Singing is a real outlet. A place and a space that belong to you (until proven otherwise, you are not a cyborg devoid of emotions and no one is controlling your cerebral cortex). Let yourself go, let go of your burdens, what clutters you and hurts you. Embrace your sensations and free your mind by singing on Think by Aretha Franklin and the Blues Brothers. Learning how to put your emotions into words and how to manage them? Worth it. We promise

The benefits of singing: The vibrating power of singing can remove some knots and put down barriers that block the expression of your emotions, fears and doubts. Singing does not wear a mask, it needs you to come as you are, you can't pretend. Over time, you will gain confidence, including when you start singing in public. One day, someone told us that it was time to reveal your personality, every facet of it. That someone was Cindy Lauper, and her song was the incredible True Colors.


Sing to meet again and to break the ice

Our lives were turned upside down overnight, we all had to face lockdowns. So, what do you do when social contacts are almost nonexistent and that hugs are a thing of the past? Singing with your friends at a #safe-karaoke is a golden opportunity to have a fun time, full of laughter and energy. Of course, a few golden rules are required for your evening to run smoothly!

Editorial Tips : as is to be expected, during a #safe-karaoke, disinfectant, masks and cleaning wipes are part of the dress-code. Regarding the gear, feel free to replace the mic with a wooden spoon or any other utensil that you won't share (make sure to remind your neighbor). Finally, all you have to do is bring your smartphone and your KaraFun app to start the show, safely and sway your hips on your favorite songs!

Singing exists in a parallel universe, bringing generations together. Our mind, attention and voices share, without worrying about what people may think. Connections are made to create a unique and peculiar harmony, emotions that are truly special. Singing is a precious asset, both on the physical and the psychic levels, it inspires pleasure, relaxation and joy. And if the 5 fruits and veggies per day are not enough, we recommend a shot of good moodTo be sung without moderation!

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