Introducing a brand new search + more

Here's to a great 2022 🍾  ! We have some updates to kick off this new year for our Apple users (Android coming soon!).

🔎 Introducing a brand new search

It's now easier than ever to explore our 51,000 karaoke songs! Introducing a brand new search with top results including songs, playlists, artists.

Best part? You can now vote for songs directly from the search results.. 🍾

⚡️  Faster loading times

Our team has reworked the karaoke player to offer even faster loading times! Twice as fast in fact! That's half the time waiting, more time singing, and overall, more fun!

Gimme gimme an update!

The rollout has already started, so you should have the update very soon if not already on your device! If you haven't turned on autoupdates on your iPhone or iPad, head over to our AppStore page to get the latest version.

📲   Get early access to the latest features!

Are you the impatient type? The techy of the group? The cool kid on the block? Get early access to KaraFun's latest and newest features by signing up to our Beta program. You'll be able to test out upcoming features and send us early feedback (and yes, we have quite the roadmap for 2022).

How it works?

- Download TestFlight app on your device (click here for direct access) and open it on your device.
- Use the following link from your device to get access to KaraFun beta program: click here

Happy Diskovery !

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 51,000!

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