The '90s: the best songs for maximum nostalgia and fun!

You can hear a famous tune coming from your next-door neighbor's. The same tune you used to play in loop on a multicolored portable radio that was sitting proudly in the middle of your living room. All of a sudden, you can remember high school dances, slumber parties, or 2-track cult CDs that are still stacked on your dusty shelf. Nostalgic much? To hell with the so-called tackiness and the supposedly outdated walkmans, here comes the best of the 90s. Get ready to travel through time and to remember your wildest memories!

Connect your speakers and rediscover legendary hits!

1 - It's been more than 30 years (already!) since Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, released on the album Nevermind, first got the crowds amped up. It is still unclear whether the graffiti, drawn by the singer of Bikini Kill in Kurt’s hotel room, is the origin of the first verses of this raucous song. Or if it’s not just his girlfriend’s deodorant that went by the sweet name of Teen Spirit.

2 - We used to listen to Gangsta’s Paradise while doing shoulder rolls down the street. Today, if we want to work on our pecs, we go to the gym. Coolio, featuring L.V, continues to set the tempo with a melody that sounds oddly familiar (Stevie Wonder fans probably recognized the sound of Pastime Paradise, just like the fans of the movie Dangerous Minds).

3 - One of the biggest hits of the '90s is undoubtedly the famous Zombie by The Cranberries, referring to the conflict between Northern Ireland and the British Army. This sensitive topic gave ride to quite the controversy! However, this did not prevent Dolores O'Riordan and her friends from joining the club of the musical greats. Here it comes, give it all you got in 3,2,1… “In your head, in your heaaad”!

4 - Heartbreaks, rebellion against established conventions and youth in search of meaning all bring the song "Creep" to life. Against all odds, Thom Yorke, the leader of Radiohead quickly got tired of this iconic hit, including during his public performances. Was it the whim of a star or was he genuinely sick of it? It doesn’t matter. We think Creep clearly deserves its place in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.

5 - If No Doubt doesn’t ring a bell, her platinum blonde hair might jog your memory. That's right! it's Gwen Stefani. With Don’t Speak, the singer tells a story far removed from the sentimental cliches: her breakup with Toni Kanal, who is none other than the band’s bassist. Today, Gwen has found the man of her dreams. It's fair to say that this international hit brought her good karma!


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6 - R.E.M is one of these bands that age like fine wine. In fact, Shiny Happy People still gives us a furious urge to hop, just like children in a playground. The title of this seemingly innocent single is based on propaganda posters and the dark days of China. Both ironic and political, Shiny Happy People is as sweet as honey, but far from being naive.

7 - Strange, sexy and completely wacky, the pop sound of Closer shook the music world. If Nine Inch Nails is considered a pioneer in the world of industrial metal today, the fact remains that the virtuoso “made in NIN” enjoy bending the rules. To top things off, the stunning voice of their singer Trent Reznor keeps us in suspense, until the end.

8 - It’s slow jam time ! With Boyz II Men, you’re going to rock your partner’s world on the dance floor. There’s nothing quite like a languorous l’ll Make Love To You to ignite a passionate love story. The duo crooners gives us a R&B ballad for the ages for which they received a Grammy Award. It goes to show: love always triumphs in the end!

9 – After a few fun songs, Gala got serious (like, REALLY serious). You’ve probably heard it while grocery shopping, while spraying perfume on yourself before going to the club or to shake things up during a family dinner that was getting too boring. Exactly: we’re talking about Freed from Desire, a song that is known the world over.

10- We’re all hooked: one hit of U Can’t Touch This, thanks MC Hammer. The rapper obviously had a thing for sarouels aka “parachute pants”. We all went through this phase. But hey, when you’re able to sell millions of albums, to turn yourself into a cartoon hero or as the face of the soda giant Pepsi, it’s much easier to get a pass.


The Nineties, a new turn of a great epic in music.

11 - Does the term “rap-metal sound familiar? We urge you to crank up the volume on Rage Against the Machine. The now more than famous Killing in the Name, written after the LA Riots of 1992 is an ode to freedom, to liberty, to breaking the shackles. An explosive sound well-rehearsed, a Tom Morello in the best shape of his life … It doesn’t get any better than this!

12 - The Spice Girls era isn’t over. Wannabe, or the legend of 5 teenyboppers who hum “If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends”. Produced in just 4 hours, this spicy track rocked the charts and the pop universe. Today, Mel B, Mel C, Emma, Victoria and Geri are one of the greatest girl bands of all time.

13 – An unrivalled classic? The majestic Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers ! This powerful, tortured and poetic song uses all the power of Anthony Kiedis and of his bandmates. Mixing sounds of rock, punk, funk or metal, the repertoire of Red Hot Chili Peppers is a real trademark that has proven itself.

14 – Thanks to Britney Spears, we can become accomplished teenagers. Just a few opening notes and Baby One More Time turns into a pure product of the infernal “hit machine”. We start shaking it from left to right ? The verdict is still out on whether the pink pom pom ponytails and the deceptively demure school uniform are a fashion faux-pas or the allegory of hype. But one thing is for sure: Britney never ceases to amaze us and she has kept her fascinating charm.

15 - If you’ve watched the great Batman Forever, there’s no way you did not fall for the charm of Seal and his sublime Kiss from a Rose. Officially written in 1987, the single would be released in 1994: They say Seal is one complex and perfectionistartist. In any case, the magic works. Kiss from a Rose definitely belongs on our list of the most beautiful songs of the Nineties.

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