There's a new documentary about the Beatles? It’s time to sing their most iconic songs!

Peter Jackson decided to explore the creative process of the Fab Four through hundreds of exclusive archives in a new documentary. This is the opportunity to (re)discover some of the best songs of these four boys who had the world at their feet!

The Beatles: Get Back

It's the name of Peter Jackson's documentary, named after the song “Get Back”, one of the last songs interpreted by the Beatles, on the rooftop of their Apple records label based in London. “Get Back” is a song that advocates a return to nature, with its descriptions of Arizona's pastures and its free-roaming wild horses. A fantasy of some sort for the Fab Four, after almost 10 years of frenzied touring, recording, and media exposure. Fun fact: it's one of the most famous collaborations of the Beatles, this time with keyboard player Billy Preston!

Get Back” was released in 1970 on the Let It Be album .

Let It Be, a family story

As Paul McCartney fell asleep after a difficult day, his mother Mary—who passed away when he was only 14—appeared to him in a dream and gave him the following advice:“Let It Be”... That's when Paul had the idea to write the eponymous song, a major track in the album. Despite the melancholia of the song , “Let It Beremains a hymn to serene life and motherly love.

“Let It Be” was released in 1970 on the album of the same name.


Helter Skelter, the first metal song in the world?

Mad distorted guitar playing, voices that are rough and tired by hours of recording, those are some of the ingredients for today's metal and hard rock . But it's back in 1968 that the Beatles set the stage for what would become a separate genre in rock. The song already showed mass audiences what's possible when you crank the volume all the way up!

Helter Skelter” was released in 1968 on the White Album.

Come Together around a karaoke

Over the years, "Come Together" has turned into one of the band's greatest hits, a truly intergenerational song. When Paul McCartney starts his iconic signature bass line, we feel like standing up to sing that catchy chorus that never fails to get everyone on board. Today, we think of “Come Together” as a call for union and brotherhood.

Come Together” was released in 1969 as part of the Abbey Road album.

La la la lalalala... Hey Jude!

What a chorus! The lyrics and the melodies are simple, kids and grown-ups sing it together during parties. Yet "Hey Jude" was originally composed for John Lennon's son Julian. John Lennon had a complicated, sometimes conflictual relationship with his son. It was to comfort Julian that Paul McCartney decided to write this song, telling him "don't take it bad".

“Hey Jude” was released as a single in 1968.


Martha My Dear, Paul McCartney's beloved

You'd think that, “Martha My Dear” was written for a woman. well, it wasn't! Paul McCartney really had a soft spot for animals. As proof, this song dedicated to his dog, Martha, whom he had just adopted when he wrote the song. Martha has since entered dog heaven, but the song “Martha My Dear” lives on, a symbol of the good time you can spend with your favorite animal!

Martha My Dear was released in 1968 on the White Album.

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