Duet Songs for Karaoke

Singing a duet in karaoke is as rewarding as it is challenging. Voices can blend poorly, one voice can be heard over the other...

Singing a duet sometimes requires a little preparation, but thankfully during a karaoke session, pairs are made spontaneously and naturally. All you've got to determine after choosing the song is who you're going to be based on your vocal range.

Once the parts have been assigned, all that's left to do is follow the words on the screen. KaraFun's made it easy to follow your lines as we color coordinate the different singers so you always know when it is your turn.

For the common parts, you can try to sing in different octaves, especially if you are a man and a woman, or in harmony, meaning that one will take the lead melody, while the other one will sing it in the third or fifth major. Harmonies create pleasant chords, but it requires precision and synchronisation so all the notes are hit at the same time. You'll have to stay focused on your own singing and not be confused by your partner’s part.

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