Your taste in music says a lot about your personality

Many researchers are currently investigating the links between our musical tastes and our personality. What about you? Are you more into rap, classical music, heavy metal or R'n'B? Get ready to discover a lot of surprises... Your favourite sounds say a lot about you !

Classical music enthusiasts show a rare intelligence

According to several studies conducted by teams of psychologists and scientists, classical music lovers are complex and thoughtful beings. They are both creative and introverted and seem to have a very high opinion of themselves. If you enjoy listening to the symphonies of Schumann, Bach or Beethoven, then your love of the grandiose knows no bounds. Life is a stage on which you exercise your talents!

Softness reigns in the hearts of heavy metal fans

When you think of the world of heavy metal, you don't particularly imagine a bunch of Care Bears pogoing to Black Sabbath, Slayer or Megadeth ... and yet. According to music psychologist Adrian North, if heavy metal is the rhythm of your life, you are undoubtedly a sensitive person. Your delicate soul has a lot in common with classical music lovers.

With pop lovers, the atmosphere is electric

Pop music fans are more nervous and anxious, but they are also very sociable, like Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande or Katy Perry. For you, music is an ode to joy. Your positive, uninhibited energy shines through at all times, whether on the dance floor or while shopping at the supermarket. You are highly valued for your honesty and beware of those who would try to deceive you!

Nothing is impossible for rock fans with a strong heart

The emotional life of rock aficionados is generally very intense. They are not fearless and will do anything to achieve their goals, even if it means being selfish from time to time. You swear by indie rock, Arctic Monkeys or The Smiths? You're not afraid of adventure and new experiences. You know all about punk rock, The Offspring, The Clash and Ramones? You're full of energy and addicted to thrills.

Rap, hip hop and R'n'B addicts are enterprising and outgoing.

Staying at home? No way. As a rap, hip hop or R'n'B fan you are a sociable individual, dancing and singing along to the latest hits from Kanye West, Drake and Tyler, The Creator. However, those around you must be careful not to upset you, as you are a hot-blooded person. One thing's for sure: with you, any occasion is a good one for partying!

Folk, jazz and blues are for dreamers

Folk, jazz and blues fans are the perfect embodiment of the music they love to listen to. Soothing, calm and kind, these born poets are often absorbed in their thoughts, like Ibrahim Maalouf, Norah Jones or Melody Gardot. You may not know it, or you may already know it, but you need the company of others. Your saying would probably be: "Better to be well accompanied than alone".

Spontaneity guides techno, house and dance admirers

Techno, house and dance are generally for the strongest characters. They vibrate to the beats of Bob Sinclar, Diplo or MEDUZA. If these rhythms speak to you, it's because you're not afraid to confide in them, even about your deepest feelings. If you want to declare your love for someone, now is the time.

At any given moment, we listen to music that is in tune with who we are. Our musical tastes reflect not only our personality, but also our history. Whatever your preferences, music is a universal language and a valuable clue to learn more about others (that's right, you never know who you're dealing with!)

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