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Karaoke Popular - Wicked

Popular Karaoke Wicked
Musicals & Broadway - 2000's - 2003
as made famous by Wicked
In the same key as the original: F
Original songwriter : Stephen Schwartz
This title is a cover of Popular as made famous by Wicked

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lyrics Popular

Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I
And let's face it who isn't less fortunate than I
My tender heart tends to start to bleed
And when someone needs a makeover
I simply have to take over
I know, I know exactly what they need
And even in your case tho' it's the toughest case
I've yet to face
Don't worry
I'm determined to succeed follow my lead
And yes, indeed you will be
Popular you're gonna be popular
I'll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys
Little ways to flirt and flounce, oh
I'll show you what shoes to wear
How to fix your hair everything that really counts
To be popular
I'll help you be popular
You'll hang with the right cohorts
You'll be good at sports know the slang you've got to know
So let's start 'cos you've got an awfully long way to go
Don't be offended by my frank analysis
Think of it as personality dialysis
Now that I've chosen to be come a pal a sister and adviser there's nobody wiser
Not when it comes to popular
I know about popular
And with an assist from me to be who you'll be
Instead of dreary who you were, well are
There's nothing that can stop you from becoming popular-lar
Lah lah lah lah we're gonna make you popular
When I see depressing creatures with unprepossessing features
I remind them on their own behalf to think of
Celebrated heads of state or specially great communicators
Did they have brains or knowledge?
Don't make me laugh
They were popular please, it's all about popular
It's not about aptitude it's the way you're viewed so it's very shrewd to be
Very very popular like me
Why, Miss Elphaba look at you, you're beautiful
I, I have to go you're welcome
And though you protest your disinterest
I know clandestinely
You're gonna grin and bear it your new found popularity, ah!
Lah lah lah lah you'll be popular
Just not as quite as popular as me

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