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Choosing a microphone

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Oh Danny Boy, the songs are calling

A north to south drive of Ireland takes about eight hours. For such a small country, its impact on...

Karaoke songs that have surpassed the language barrier

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What happened in February?

128 songs in Karaoke Version were added to KaraFun during the month of February. Discover How Far I'll Go, Castle on the Hill or I Don't Wanna Live Forever already available on KaraFun.

Discover the top tracks added in Karaoke below!

10 fun facts about karaoke

We all know karaoke means music, karaoke means singing and above all karaoke means fun!

But do you know what it actually means? Where does it comes from? Where is it practiced the most? What is the longest karaoke session?

Here are 10 fun facts you might not know about karaoke.