America, F**k Yeah Karaoke Team America: World Police Explicit Lyrics

Karaoke America, F**k Yeah Team America: World Police

In the same key as the original: Em

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Lyrics of America, F**k Yeah

America fuck yeah comin' again
To save the motherfuckin' day yeah
America fuck yeah
Terrorists your game is through 'cos now you have to answer to
America fuck yeah so lick my butt suck on my balls
America fuck yeah whatcha' gonna do when we come for you now
Mc Donald's
The Gap baseball
The NFL rock n' roll
The internet slavery
Fuck yeah
Porno valium
Reeboks fake tits
Sushi taco bell
Rodeos bed bath and beyond
Liberty wax lips
The Alamo band-aids
Las Vegas
Immigrants popeyes
Sportsmanship books

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