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Lyrics of Time Goes By

I've never had a feeling so right
Like I have with you can't explain the things you do
But boy when you tell me softly you love me too
It's like I know we were meant to be
So for eternity you will have a part of me
And all I need is for you to stay right here with me yeah
I know it does I know it does
I will
We were meant to be my love when you're with me
You are the reason that my heart beats
I know I never thought
I would ever fall so deep
But now I see that the love that we share is oh so sweet
Believe my destiny yeah what if I was to say in every way
Deep in my heart is where you'll be
I'm still right here
I'll never go
We were meant to be
How I feel when you're with me
Oh time, oh time eternity I will we were meant baby love
As you hold me close so tenderly and I watch you fall to sleep
I see in you the one who now completes the half of me I used to be
Yeah yeah yeah 'ternity I will were meant to be feel when you're
When you're with me baby but we always stand still babe stand still babe and I know
Yes we were
Time goes by but we stand still
Love you forever yes I will
I know we're meant to be
That's how I feel baby

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