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Karaoke Bawitdaba Kid Rock

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Lyrics of Bawitdaba

My name is Kid
Kid Rock Rock Rock Rock
And this is for the questions that don't have any answers
The midnight glancers and the topless dancers
The gang of freaks cars packed with speakers
The Gs with the forties and the chicks with beepers
The Northern Lights and the Southern comfort
And it don't even matter if your veins are punctured
All the crackheads the critics the cynics
And all my heroes in the methadone clinic
All you bastards at the IRS for the crooked cops and the cluttered desks
For the shots of jack and the caps of meth
Half pints of love and the fifths of stress
For the hookers all trickin' out in Hollywood
And for the hoods of the world misunderstood
I said it's all good and it's all in fun
Now get in the pit and try to love someone
For the time bombs tickin' and the heads that hang
All the gangs gettin' money
And the heads that bang bang
Wild mustangs and the porno flicks
All my homies in the county in cell block six
The grits when there ain't enough eggs to cook
And for DB Cooper and the money he took
You can look for answers but that ain't fun
Now get in the pit and try to love someone
For the love and for the hate
And for the peace war

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