New: KaraFun Remote is available on Mac

Just like The Pointer Sisters, we're so excited, and we just can't hide it! Introducing KaraFun Remote on Mac!

Let’s set the scene: karaoke party, lots of guests and 26,000 songs to sing!

With KaraFun Remote, guests can search for the perfect song, add it to the queue, control vocals and lots more! All of this directly from their smartphone or tablet. More fun for them, less organization for you and guaranteed good times for all!


Introducing the first official KaraFun Bar

For over 10 years, we have been focused on creating services providing music entertainment to happy users. With KaraFun, hundreds of thousands of people around the world sing and dance along to our instrumental versions, making us very happy and proud. Today, we are going the extra-mile by creating the very first official KaraFun Bar.


What happened in June?

121 songs in Karaoke Songs were added to KaraFun during the month of June. Discover H.O.L.Y., One Dance or Peter Pan already available on KaraFun.

Discover the top tracks added in Karaoke Version below!

Tip of the month: displaying song info (key, time...)

We get a lot of questions about how to display certain song information and organize the lists. And with over 26,000 karaoke songs, we get it!

But some of you like song lists alphabetized, others like the lists according to those that were last played, while some of you don’t seem want to be bothered with anything but the song and its title.

So let’s get it all straight and show you exactly how to display the song info you want!


Stars in karaoke bars

These celebs aren’t ones to shy away from an opportunity to sing. They’ve been known to grab the mic, jump on stage and belt a line or two no matter the occasion.