Tip of the month: access and print the Karaoke Catalog


When organizing a karaoke party, a big part of getting ready is making sure that singers have easy access to all available songs. With thousands of song choices on KaraFun, singers are sure to find something to please them.

KaraFun offers multiple options to access the song list.

PDF or CSV printout

Available here, the catalog can be printed out in its entirety, according to most recent additions or by language.

KaraFun Remote

This is a feature that is available on KaraFun for Mac, iPad and iPhone. It allows singers to scan a QR code, or enter a specific link, directly from any smartphone or tablet in order to access the entire KaraFun catalog. Find out more here.

Online Karaoke Catalog

Check out our website and you'll get access to KaraFun's online catalog of songs. You can search for any song or artist, see the all-time favorites, latest releases, among 30 different genres.

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