A song a day keeps the doctor away!

With the new year comes new resolutions; get healthier, unburden your mind, find happiness, and the list goes on. The good news in that long list is that we’ve got the solution to it all in one fell swoop. Singing! Yes, karaoke-ers, this is something that you do already and one that will keep the doctor at arm's length!

So why this one and not the ten others on your 2016 resolution list? We’ve laid it all out…

Did you get your daily dose of singing today? Sing in 2016!

New year, new beginning, new memories to be made and new songs to be sung! Bring on 2016!

To make this the happiest and healthiest year yet, KaraFun, and doctors alike, recommend 365 days of singing. Studies prove it’s a simple way to improve your overall health and mental wellness.

Here’s to a year full of joy and song from all of us at KaraFun!


What happened in November?

123 songs in Karaoke were added to KaraFun during the month of November. Discover Hello, When We Were Young or You Know I'm No Good already available on KaraFun.

Discover the top tracks added in Karaoke Songs below!

What type of karaoke singer are you?

Microphones are like smooth-talking, when faced with it, each of us reacts in a different manner: extroverts find themselves right at home, those who are a bit more shy may stumble a bit, while others surprisingly shine under the spotlight. We've put together some typical portraits of different types of karaoke singers for you to identify others and even see where you fit in yourself!

Interview with a pro KJ - Jeff from Kobalt

Self-described as the bar with a "little something different," Kobalt, located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, prides itself on it's title of Best Karaoke in Phoenix! With karaoke being offered twice a week, the club is reminiscent of "American Idol" auditions with "a few really talented singers, a lot of decent ones and some tone-deaf entertainers." Open since 2006, Kobalt's KJs give us their do's and dont's of making a successful soirée!