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How can I sync the most popular songs offline and all at once?
Lance - USA


Offline mode allows you to continue singing even when there is no internet connection (learn more about offline mode). With any premium subscription you can sync up to 1,000 of your favorites (pro subscribers can sync the entire catalog).

What if you’re not sure what your guests want to sing in offline mode? We suggest syncing the top 1,000 songs. Here is how:

Windows / Mac

  • Go to the All Songs category to the left of the Player. Click here and you will have a list of the entire catalog of 30,000 songs.
  • Order the songs by popularity by clicking on the Popularity column. If you don’t see the popularity column, here’s how to display different columns and song information.
  • Highlight the first 1,000 songs. To select multiple songs at once, click on the first item, press down the Shift button and then select the last song.
  • Next, right click and select Sync offline. You will notice the blue dots will appear indicating that the song has been successfully synced offline.

Android / iPad / iPhone

  • Go to Settings > Offline. Select the option to download up to the Top 200 songs. The Top 200 most popular karaoke songs will be automatically synced and you will notice a blue vertical line next to the songs image indicating a successful sync. You will need to individually sync each song to complete the 1,000 limit. Keep in mind that songs are ordered by popularity on the Home page.

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