How to use the voice recorder on the karaoke player

Plug in the microphone

KaraFun enables you to record your voice to a karaoke song. To proceed, you shoud have a microphone with a mini jack mono connector, as showed opposite. If you need it, there are 6.35mm mono female jacks for 3.5mm mono male adapters, if you have a micro with a standard 6.35 jack connector. Plug in your mic in the Mic-in sound card input, normally shown as a pink circle on the back of your PC:

Your microphone is now plugged in, now let's test it!
Plug in the microphone for voice recording

Test the microphone with the karaoke player

Activate microphone Activate the input signal by clicking on the little picture of a microphone. This will activate the microphone. If you click again, the microphone input will be turned Off. An LCD indicator on the karaoke player will show you the state of the microphone.
Some soundcards have a stereo connector, even for the microphone. In this case, if you connect a microphone with a mono connector and fully plug it in, you may not hear anything. One solution, traditional but efficient, is to only plug the mic in half way.
  Test microphone with a karaoke
In order to test the input level, open the control window and talk into the microphone. The colored "LEVEL" bar should rise up and down with your voice.
Adjust the input level (IN) as necessary, to get a clean, unsaturated signal. The ouput level (OUT) is the level of the microphone sent to your speakers.
You're now ready to record your own voice.

Voice recording

Click on the button pictured as a red circle, to the right of the microphone button. You must activate the microphone first.
Select a karaoke file and ... sing!
During the recording, a red REC caption shoud blink on the top left of the karaoke screen.
Stop the recording by re-clicking on the record button or by clicking on the stop button.
Voice recording
Karaoke voice recording  

If you want to keep the WAV files of your recordings, you must modify the options: set the options in the Voice recording part of the Player tabsheet.
It is important to know that WAV audio files are not compressed and are much bigger in size than the same file in an MP3 format.

Of course you can also add an echo effect to your voice, change the pitch (KEY) and the speed replay of the song (TEMPO), and your voice will follow. This is what makes KaraFun FUN!