Karaoke on TV using multi-monitor

If you'd like to control the karaoke parameters and the playlist on one screen, and project the karaoke display onto a TV or a widescreen, read this:
    First, you need some hardware and software:
  • TV Output on your graphics card or two graphics cards
  • The latest drivers for your specific card
  • Windows XP or later
Launch KaraFun and select the Options menu in the main menu (Right-click on the KaraFun Player window or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P ). Select Display tabsheet in the following option window:

Karaoke player options

Select the second monitor in the Output monitor menu. If you have only one monitor in this box, check your drivers and the cable between the TV and the PC. Also ensure that the TV cable was set when starting the PC, many graphics cards detect the TV screen during boot up.
If you always want to display karaoke songs on that second screen, then select the Start in full-screen option.
When you are in full-screen mode, notice that there is no border at all!

Karaoke display on TV

Click OK and start a karaoke to check the results. If it doesn't fit, you can try to set a smaller resolution (640 x 480 on a TV screen is enough!). You may also have to set the number of frames per second to 50 Hertz (PAL) or 60 Hertz (NTSC) to have a correct TV display.