Convert MIDI karaoke to video (AVI)

The music for a video file is always in audio format (WAV PCM, MPEG Layer 3 MP3, etc.), and never in MIDI format. To convert a MIDI karaoke to video (AVI), you must convert the MIDI music source to an MP3 or WAV audio file first.

Solution 1

Without going through the KaraFun Editor, convert an MP3 or WAV audio file to a MIDI music source in order to convert the MIDI karaoke to a video (AVI).

    1. Convert your MIDI karaoke to video without audio

    In the karaoke library, right-click on the MIDI karaoke file you want to convert and click on "Convert karaoke to video (AVI)." Choose export options (format and video compression, display options) explained in the other pages of this help, and start the conversion. This gives you an AVI video file without audio.

    2. Convert the MIDI music to WAV

    Note: If your karaoke is a KFN file (based on a MIDI file like KAR or MID), you must extract this file from the KaraFun Editor library first.

    • Download, install and run SynthFont
    • Open your MIDI file (.KAR or .MID) from the File menu (if you don't see your file, choose "All files" at "File types"
    • Click on the "...To File" icon and save your .wav file
    • Click on the Play icon and wait until the end of the song. It must be fully played in order to be converted
    • When the conversion is done, you can exit SynthFont

      Note that you can change many parameters with SynthFont like the instruments of the MIDI channels, panning, volume, etc.
    Synthfont MIDI editor

    3. Add Your Voice (optional)

    If you have recorded your voice with KaraFun, and you want to hear it with your video, you must first mix both WAV files (music + your voice) together:

    • Locate the WAV file of your voice recording. According to your KaraFun options (see Audio/MIDI tab, "Voice recording" part), the .wav file is either in the folder C:\Program Files\KaraFun\Temp, or in the folder of your karaoke, or in a folder you specified.
    • Download, install and run Audacity or any audio editor. We recommend that you use Audacity, because it's free and user-friendly.
    • Drag and drop your WAV files to 2 different tracks, check their synchronization and adjust their volume: in the example, music has been lowered by 9db to bring out the voice (red circles). Pay attention to the saturation level!
    • Export as a new WAV file from the File menu, and exit.
    Audacity audio editor

    4. Add the audio track to the video

    It's easy to add audio tracks to your videos:

    • Download, install and run VirtualDub
    • Open your video AVI file
    • In the Audio menu, click on WAV Audio and open the final WAV file
    • In the Video menu, click on "Direct stream copy"
    • Save as AVI...
    • Exit VirtualDub, you're done... play your video!
    VirtualDub window

Solution 2

By going through KaraFun Editor, convert MIDI music source in MP3 or WAV audio to be able to convert MIDI karaoke to a video (AVI).
Use this solution if you get a lag between audio and video with the first solution.

1. Convert the MIDI music to MP3

This is the same procedure as step 2 of solution 1, except in this case you must MP3 (icon "To File...") as the output file format.

2. Create a new (MP3) KFN in the KaraFun Editor

  • In the KaraFun Editor, import your KAR file from the File menu, to get lyrics and syncs
  • Open the library and add the MP3 you made with SynthFont
  • Change the main audio source of your project: replace the KAR file with the MP3 file
  • Play and test that the music and lyrics are still synchronized properly. From one converter or MIDI file to another, syncs can shift. In this case, click on the text track, select all the syncs (Ctrl+A) and move them (with the mouse or Alt+left/right). Try also the Stretch progressively option in the Edit menu.
  • Remove the KAR file from the library and save your new KFN file.

3. Record Your Voice (optional)

Play your new KFN file in the KaraFun Player and record your voice...

4. Convert your new KFN karaoke in video (AVI)

From the Karaoke Library of the KaraFun Player, select your KFN file and convert it to video...

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