Help about KFP karaoke preset

What is a KFP karaoke preset?

A KFP file (KaraFun Preset) is used to play KAR, KOK, LRC and CDG karaoke files in an appropriate visual environment. It does not contain music, lyrics or syncs, but it is used to "package" your karaoke files. You can also use it as a starting point for KFN file creations.

The KAR, LRC (+MP3), KOK (+MP3) and CDG (+MP3) files contain only the music and the synchronized lyrics. With the KaraFun preset system, you can clearly enhance the playback quality by adding related materials (backgrounds, video, fonts, trajectories…). KAR/LRC/KOK/CDG and KFP therefore complementing one another.

To make it simple, a KFP file can be compared to a KFN file, without the music or the synchronized lyrics! But there is also one important difference between the KFP and the KFN file properties.

A KFP file can not be locked. It can always be opened in the KaraFun editor, unless it has been made with KaraFun Studio and you have only the free KaraFun version.

Convert a KFP file to a KFN file:

  • Open the KFP file in the karaoke editor,
  • Save as KFN file,
  • Open the new KFN file,
  • Import the MID, KAR, KOK or LRC file, or manually add the music source, lyrics and syncs,
  • Check and adjust the length of text lines so that none of them exceed the screen width,
  • Complete the properties,
  • Save. It's ready!
  • Turn a simple KAR file into a beautiful karaoke format!

    How do I use a KFP karaoke preset?

    There are many ways to use a KFP file:

    The easiest way: In the Karaoke Library window, right-click on a karaoke file, select a Karaoke background and Set a karaoke preset... Now, select the KFP file you've just downloaded and play!

    The other ways: When you have downloaded the KFP file, you can save it in the Presets folder (default directory is C:\Program Files\KaraFun\Data\Presets). In this case, it will be randomly played if it’s selected in the options, or in a folder containing some KAR, LRC, KOK or CDG files, and in this second case, it will be used as a priority.

    There are different ways to select a special preset for one or several karaokes. They are presented below, in order of priority:

    1. The KFP file is located in the same folder and has exactly the same name as the karaoke file to be read.
    Ex: C:\KAR\Disco\YMCA.kfp => C:\KAR\Disco\YMCA.kar

    2. The KFP file is located in the same folder.
    Ex: C:\KAR\Disco\Disco Fever.kfp => C:\KAR\Disco\YMCA.kar

    3. The KFP file in the Presets folder has the same name as the karaoke file being played, or the same subdirectory name.
    Ex: C:\Program Files\KaraFun\Data\Presets\Disco Fever.kfp => C:\KAR\Disco Fever.kar
    Or: C:\Program Files\KaraFun\Data\Presets\Disco Fever.kfp => C:\KAR\Disco Fever\YMCA.kar

    4. The KFP file is in the Preset folder.
    Ex: C:\Program Files\KaraFun\Data\Presets\Disco Fever.kfp => C:\KAR\YMCA.kar

    If there is more than one KFP file in the same folder, they will be selected randomly.

    We advise you to sort your karaoke files by musical genre or by artist in specific subdirectories, and to put KFP files in these directories according to the genre or artist.